Each fishing rod has been carefully debugged by Kyorim’s Engineer

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                                                                              2017/5/24 kyorim Yuanjiang FRIENDLY

                                                                              In May 24th 017, Karen road and friendly in Hunan in Yuanjiang province held successfully, the participating fishing harvest, have made their very satisfactory results. Yuanjiang city is located in Yiyang city of Hunan province. The water s

                                                                              Valid Till   2017-08-06

                                                                              2017/6/16 Hunan friendship match was succ

                                                                              In June 16, 2017,kyorim and Hunan fishing tournament in Hunan, Yiyang successfully held, from all corners of the countrys fishing friends Gexianshentong, catch good. Finally won the championship fishing friends, caught a 50 pounds of black c

                                                                              Valid Till   2017-08-06

                                                                              2017/7/15 WILD POISON ACTUAL TEST

                                                                              In July 15, 2017 the small fishing friends go called use Karen road sub produced WILD POISON single pole section reservoir in Yantai hospital try to catch the test, the final effect is very satisfactory, 3 hours of fishing is fishing Luciope

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